Shakura Luminous Set (Advanced Skin Lightener + Hydro-Radiance masks) [SAE903-0]

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Shakura Luminous mini set features our most popular products, Advanced Skin Enlightener and Hydro Radiant Masks for Luminous skin.

Advanced Skin Lightener is a light serum that lightens dark spots, evens out complexion tone, and brightens the skin. It effectively treats common hyperpigmentation concerns such as acne spots, age spots, and sun damage while also boosting your skin's radiance for a more luminous and healthy complexion.

Luxury Facial Home Spa treatment

The Hydro Radiance Mask is a naturally derived bio-cellulose sheet mask that effectively saturates the skin, infusing it with intensive hydration and beneficial ingredients to create a radiance look while eliminating dullness and uneven tone. The mask is made of two pieces that fit perfectly on the face.

  • Restores skin's radiance and luminosity.
  • Intensely hydrates and strengthens skin resistance.
  • Helps cool and soothes tired skin.

Skin Types
Suitable for all skin types.  

The Shakura Luminous set includes

  • 3 PCS HYRDO-RADIANCE MASKS (worth $48)
  • FREE Shakura Headband

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